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07 September 2015

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself...

Hi! So for those of you who have stuck with me until now, you may have noticed a few changes in my blog. I really wanted to make a fresh start - blog more regularly and improve the quality of the content. After a lot of consideration I have decided to change my blog name from to my actual name -

I realised that nobody really refers to any of my online endeavors (blog, YouTube channel) as 'Perfectly Random' - not even myself! Whenever people asked "how can I find your YouTube channel?" I'd reply "oh if you type my name 'Akilah SP' into the search bar I should come up." I stopped identifying with the name Perfectly Random and started to feel like I had outgrown it, so I've made a change - I doubt I'll get sick of my own name (I hope).

With this new change I'm feeling really inspired and motivated - so expect to see a lot of me! I'll be posting about my usual topics (beauty, fashion, hair etc) but also hope to add in some more personal posts too - I'm finding that opening up a little is actually very refreshing and also gives you guys an opportunity to get to know the girl behind the laptop.

I hope you will all like the changes to come and thank you again for sticking through my slackness and staying with me! I've deleted all prior posts on this blog in order to have a fresh start but my YouTube videos are still available so check out my channel :)

Thanks again and speak soon,

Akilah x

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