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02 April 2016

Madam Glam Nail Polishes

A while back I was kindly sent some nail polishes from Madam Glam, a brand selling vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free (click here to find out what that means) nail products. As someone with over 100 nail polishes (at last count) it's usually a bit of a struggle to find colours I don't already own, but I was impressed to discover a large variety of shades on the website. I tried to choose 4 completely different types of nail polish:

This first polish is called 'So So So Glamorous'* and it is a gorgeous mint-green with chunky black and white pieces of glitter. Upon application I was a little disappointed to find that it has a very sheer formula - to achieve this opaque look I had to use 3 thin coats. However, it is a lovely polish for Spring/Summer and the glitter adds a nice, unique touch.

Secondly we have 'Just A Flirt'*, which is my favourite of the bunch. I love pastel pink nail polishes, but this has a slightly purple undertone which I think is really flattering. The formula is a dream - really creamy and opaque. I went for 2 coats but could have got away with a decent single coat. Unfortunately I think this may have been discontinued since I received it, as I can no longer find it on the website! I'm quite sad about that as I would have purchased a back-up.

My third choice was a bit of a mistake, as this is a gel polish that needs to be cured with an LED lamp - I don't own an LED lamp lol. But for the sake of the review I've applied it anyway to see what it looks like on. This is 'Flawless'*, a pastel pink with a slight shimmer. Upon application it doesn't appear to be as pink as it is on the website, but that could be something that changes once the polish is cured. Madam Glam also sells LED lamps here.

Last but not least, is this beautiful blue glitter - 'Disco Ball'*. I'm not a huge fan of glitter nail polishes, but I think this is the best one I have ever tried. It's difficult to pick up in photos, but in person the glitter is super shiny and catches the light wonderfully. The base is clear, so you can apply this on top of any colour polish of your choice - I love the way it looks on top of this black.

If you would like to try out Madam Glam's products, be sure to use my discount code 'ASP' for 30% off! :)

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