Diary Entry: 5th May 2016 - Akilah SP

02 June 2016

Diary Entry: 5th May 2016

I finally did it - I cut all my hair off. What an experience.

Once the thought entered my mind (last night) I couldn't even sleep because I was thinking about it so much! A mixture of nerves and excitement went through me as I finally decided I was going to do it. I had a shower, wet my hair, grabbed the scissors and started snipping.

The feeling was strange - I wanted to cry and burst into laughter at the same time! The more I snipped the worse it looked, but I felt amazing. I felt in control, for the first time in so long. I didn't care what people would say or think, I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. Such a liberating feeling.

Once I styled it and put some make-up on I was actually feeling it! My barber will be helping me fix it up on Monday as the back is definitely uneven LOL but I feel great.

I feel happy.

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