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17 February 2017

My New Haircut 💇

Hi guys, long time no speak! I will be explaining why in a YouTube video, but what I will say for now is that I have missed this! I am pretty much bursting with creative juices right now lol so I'm really eager to get back into blogging and vlogging :)

During my hiatus I've started doing some modelling work, which I am really enjoying thus far! I've been lucky enough to shoot with some really talented, friendly and creative people. To keep updated with my pursuits, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (both @KillahKilz).

Yesterday I did some hair modelling for the lovely Roman at the London City Vidal Sassoon salon. I hadn't cut my hair since November so as you can imagine it was pretty overgrown! I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but I was open to ideas - after some discussion we decided to go for the tapered style above and I love it!

At the moment my hair is in it's natural curly state, but I know sooner or later I'll start experimenting and seeing how it looks straight, with perm rods etc. Again if you follow me on IG and SC you'll see this :)

Lastly I'd just like to mention that the service at Vidal Sassoon was fantastic - I will be returning and I definitely recommend!

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